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Employment law case says financial firm wrongfully fired employee

| Jun 14, 2021 | Employment Law |

In New York, large companies are vulnerable to claims of employment law violations for many reasons. Often, these are linked to allegations of harassment, discrimination, compensation issues and other common disagreements in white collar jobs. However, companies are also concerned about the image they project and when an employee behaves in an untoward manner and it becomes public knowledge, it will likely act quickly and address it. That can mean punishment such as a demotion or outright termination. Employees may claim this violates their rights. Employers should know how to defend against these claims.

Woman whose park confrontation went viral files discrimination lawsuit

An incident caught on video in a New York City park in which a woman called the police on a Black man she claimed was threatening her has resulted in her being fired has sparked a lawsuit. The woman says that her former employer Franklin Templeton did not investigate the incident and simply dismissed her without knowing what happened. She asserts that her gender and race contributed to her firing and is suing for discrimination.

In the video, the woman is with her unleashed dog. The man, a bird-watcher, asked her to put the dog on a leash as is required by the park. In response, she called police and claimed the man was threatening her. The video showed otherwise. She was given a misdemeanor for false reporting to police. In her lawsuit, she is asking to receive various forms of compensation including back pay, lost bonuses, benefits, payment for damages due to emotional distress and more. The company responded by saying it did conduct an internal review and behaved in an appropriate manner in terminating the woman.

Defending against allegations of workplace wrongdoing is imperative

This employment law case is unique in that there is video evidence that the woman appeared to behave in an inappropriate manner. Most cases are not like that and companies that are alleged to have taken part in discrimination, retaliation, violated wage laws, allowed sexual harassment, breached contracts and committed other types of wrongdoing should know how to craft a viable defense. Not only can these cases be costly financially, but it can sully a company’s image. To effectively combat these accusations, having help from legal professionals experienced in these cases is crucial.