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Your Advocate In The Workplace

At the Law Office of Peter G. Goodman, PLLC, we provide strong advocacy in the workplace for our clients. Our attorneys bring decades of experience and knowledge in all types of employment law matters in New York. Whether you are negotiating a new employment contract, severance agreement or other workplace document, or have a disagreement with your employer over compensation or other terms, we can protect your interests and help you find the solutions you need.

Helping You In A Range Of Employment Situations

Our attorneys represent clients in workplace issues that include:

  • Contract negotiations: We represent a variety of employees, including executives, in their employment negotiations. Our attorneys can help make sure your needs are met in terms of compensation, vacation, commissions, and restrictive covenants such as noncompete clauses.
  • Contract dispute resolutionIt is not uncommon for contracts to go awry during the course of employment. A common issue involves disagreement over payment of commissions, but contract disputes about vacations, bonuses, profit sharing and other significant issues also arise frequently.
  • Defense of sexual harassment claims: Accusations of sexual harassment can destroy your career prospects. Our lawyers will provide you with sound legal counsel and advocacy in order to defend you against these charges.

In all of these situations, we work with employees to help them navigate unique challenges in the workplace. Our attorneys can engage with your employer directly, or we can provide you with valuable counsel in your negotiations and help you through the process.

Our lead attorney, Peter G. Goodman, has experience representing both employees and employers. This gives us unique knowledge of how these issues are handled on the inside, a tremendous advantage for you as you are navigating your workplace environment.

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